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Are Fake Security Cameras Effective?

In the fight against crime, many homeowners and businesses have turned to fake security cameras as a deterrence. But are these fake cameras effective? Let's examine the pros and cons of using fake security cameras.

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Fake security cameras can be a great visual deterrent for many. However, they are not as effective against experienced criminals. They may get the job done by fooling someone who does not know better. Still, those familiar with security systems will see when a camera is functional and can use that to their advantage to break into a location or commit an act of crime. Therefore, if you invest in fake cameras, remember they are no replacement for a real camera and its recordings.

Is fake for real?

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Fake security cameras may seem illogical, but their popularity persists. They are an enticing alternative to real security cameras due to the significantly lower cost and effort required. In addition, people often prefer the false sense of security they provide.

Like fake signs, they can deter potential intruders as they look exactly like accurate versions, so it may be hard to distinguish between real and fake cameras. However, these faux cameras don't offer natural protection as they do not record or monitor any activity. They can even give criminals a false sense of legitimacy by assuming no real cameras are in place.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual if a fake camera is sufficient for their needs. Still, nothing beats a proper surveillance system for protecting your premises from unwanted activities.

Police and security experts' opinions about fake security cameras

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Leading police and security technology specialists agree that the only surefire way to deter crime is investing in authentic surveillance tools instead of imitation ones. With real-time cameras, investigators can capture a criminal's image if an unfortunate incident occurs and conduct onsite investigations more precisely and speedily. Therefore, investing wisely in genuine equipment rather than pretend systems for your home or business' safety is best.

Fake security cameras can be a helpful deterrent for would-be perpetrators, but they are no substitute for actual video surveillance systems. False security cameras can be a deterrent, but there is no guarantee that would-be criminals will not take the risk. Therefore, to fulfill their purpose, faux surveillance camera systems should always be accompanied by real ones for optimal efficacy. 


Experienced criminals will quickly recognize that your space is being protected by a counterfeit camera and may still attempt to commit their crime. Real security cameras offer an even better level of protection against these types of threats as they provide clear evidence of criminal activity. Additionally, with modern technology like facial recognition software, real security cameras provide superior coverage to fake ones.

Studies about real and fake security cameras

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The Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice conducted a study revealing that installing residential burglar alarm systems in Newark, NJ reduced crime inside the homes with alarms throughout the city. Despite the notion that security cameras transfer crime to other households, the Rutgers study showed they could make communities safer. According to a recent study, neighborhoods where burglar systems are more commonly installed experience fewer residential burglaries than areas with more periodic security systems.

An extensive study involving burglars revealed that cameras would deter many from breaking into a home if a central security camera system existed. Interestingly, some also claimed it could signal to potential thieves that the house contains valuable items worth stealing. Regardless, visible security cameras are deterrents and should make any homeowner feel safer within their abode.

Real-life mysteries a real camera can help you solve

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Installing video cameras in your home is smart; they help resolve the everyday mysteries that often remain unsolved. It would be wise to take advantage of this highly beneficial resource! 

For instance, you can check if the letter carrier arrived today. You don't have to rush up to answer the door when it rings anymore either — with a glance from your office in the back of your home, you'll be able to identify whether or not there's someone selling something at your front doorstep.

With security cameras, you can answer all sorts of questions, such as: Did your key ring fall off while gardening? Are the garbage collectors here? How intense was the storm? What time did your spouse and children come back? With security cameras, these answers are only a few clicks away!

Installing external cameras can stop door-to-door salespeople and fraudulent charity solicitors from knocking on your front door. Not only are these surveillance devices worthwhile investments for their crime prevention benefits, but there have been numerous successful criminal investigations due to the use of such systems.

Features your security camera needs

When shopping for a security camera system, there are several features to keep an eye out for. Firstly, the resolution of your surveillance setup is essential; the higher it is, the more detailed images you can capture.

Motion-activated lighting

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Motion-activated lights are a powerful tool for security cameras, significantly when deterring criminals. These outdoor lighting fixtures can startle perpetrators with unexpected illumination and possibly prevent them from acting on their criminal intentions. In addition, motion-activated light sensors save energy by only turning on in response to nearby movement rather than staying lit all night.

Motion-activated lighting not only boosts visibility but can also significantly improve the quality of security camera footage. Lights are crucial for any security system and provide critical protection to homes and businesses.

Motion-activated recording 

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A motion-activated recording is necessary if you're searching for the optimal security camera system. It ensures that your cameras continuously capture potential threats or emergencies, so if something happens on your property, there's footage to identify and pursue the perpetrator(s). In short: it eliminates missed recordings!

Smartphone notifications

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Home and business owners alike find convenience in equipping their security cameras with real-time smartphone notifications. This way, they can be instantly alerted when motion is detected by the camera, allowing them to monitor any suspicious activity that may occur closely.

Night vision

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Your security cameras can be furnished with night vision capabilities to ensure no possible intruder can go unnoticed. Night vision allows you to keep an eye on your property even after dark to avoid leaving anything unmonitored. Investing in quality surveillance is guaranteed to give you extra peace of mind and increase protection for your property.

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Fake security cameras are a popular option for businesses and homeowners because they appear to be an easy, cost-effective way of discouraging criminals. Yet it is essential to evaluate whether or not these synthetic cameras will work in your specific circumstance. Real surveillance systems have many features that make them more likely successful at deterring crime, such as high-resolution images, panning and tilting capabilities, plus night vision technology—all elements lacking from fake counterparts. Fake cameras might act as short-term solutions but fail to provide the necessary level of protection you need.

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