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Home Automation 101

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your time at home a little more enjoyable and convenient? With home automation, you can do just that! Home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These devices are connected to the Internet, so you can control them remotely. With home automation, devices can trigger one another so you don’t even have to think about it at all. Installing smart home devices makes life easier and can even save you money on heating, cooling and electricity bills.

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What can smart homes do?

There are a multitude of ways in which a smart home can make your life easier. It has self-learning capability which allows it to adapt to your routine, plus, as time goes on, you can build on it.

Combined with a security system, it can help keep you and your loved ones safe. It allows you to monitor your home remotely when you're not home, and you can customize it to fit your particular needs.

Home automation allows you to monitor and regulate your entire house using internet-connected gadgets. The devices are linked together and available through one central point. You can control how everything in your house works.

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What can be automated?

Smart lighting

How often do you leave the lights on after leaving a room? Or find yourself fumbling for the light switch in the middle of the night? Smart lighting can be extremely helpful both for your day to day life and for security purposes.

You can customize it however you prefer, maybe motion sensors in the hallway that triggers the light to go on when activated. Or in the doorway so the porch light turns on automatically when you get home.

Window sensors

These work great in tandem with a security system, if it offers an app, you can get notified whenever a window is opened. There are other devices that sense if a window is broken. It can also remind you to close your windows before you go to bed, or maybe when you leave the house.

Smart door locks

This way, you can lock your door from a mobile app if you ever forget, additionally, you can create temporary codes. So, for example, if you're on vacation and a neighbor is taking care of your plants, you can give them a code that allows them to go inside while you're away.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many things within the home that can be automated, and can make your life easier as well as safer. It can be personalized so you can make the most of your smart devices.

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Remote Control

One of the big advantages of home automation is the ability of remote control of devices or appliances in your house or apartment. You can lock or unlock your doors from you smart phone, or get notified if one of your windows is opened.

If you have smart security cameras, you can even check the footage to see what's happening in your home in real time when you're far away. Or pan it to see more of the space the camera is recording .

Remote control can be done through a mobile app, or a voice assistant like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, these can be activated simply by speaking.

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Automate Daily Tasks

You can schedule daily tasks that you would normally perform manually. Opening doors and windows for example, turning on the sprinkles to water the garden, or tuning into your favorite morning news channel to give your day as stress-free a start as possible.

You can also make entertainment more convenient, by having control over speakers, smart TV's, etc. For example, you can program your smart TV to schedule your kids TV time. You can even have an automatic feeder so you never have to worry about forgetting to feed your pet.

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Cost Savings on Home Expenses

Because it turns devices on when they're needed and off when they're not, installing smart home devices can even save you some money on your bills. For example, if you forget to turn off the fan, you can be notified and then turn it off manually. Or, if it's timed, it will turn off automatically at a set time.

A home automation system can also alert you and shut off the water if there's a leak, saving you stress, money and preventing damage to your possessions. A doorbell camera or a security camera on your porch could also prevent packages being stolen from your porch, or be notified of suspicious activity.

Many homeowners insurance companies offer discounts for a home automation system, and, if you also have a security system, even more.

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Smart Home Security Can Protect Your Possessions and Loved Ones

The advantages of smart home security systems are numerous, including real-time notifications, motion detection, video surveillance, analytics, and fire and life safety protection. These applications may be quickly connected into your existing system using any mobile device with access from anywhere.

Having a smart home security system can help you breathe a little easier, with the knowledge that your home and your family are as safe as possible.

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How much will it cost?

The costs for installing a home automation system vary wildly depending on the area, but, most importantly, on the features you'd like to include. It ranges from around $150 to $1,400, with the average falling somewhere around $750. And, for luxury homes, the cost can be upwards of $3,000.

It all depends on the features you want and the options within those features that you prefer. For example, you can purchase door and window sensors for as little as $20, but you could also buy them for $100. Garage door openers can run from $150 to around $300. And, if you choose to purchase luxury appliances such as a smart fridge, the cost can quickly add up.

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Home automation is an investment that can save you money in the long run. Not to mention the benefits it could bring to your general quality of life. It can save you time and unnecessary stress. You can start small, and build on it over time, and with so many options currently available, there's no limit to what can be automated.

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