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Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras1

Retail stores and malls rely on loss prevention to maintain their profit margins. A remote-access retail surveillance system deters theft and catches shoplifters in real time.

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras2

In addition to monitoring inventory, retail security systems can also help increase employee productivity and improve the customer shopping experience.

Protect Your Store With A Retail Security Camera System

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras3

Managers and store owners can use retail security camera systems with remote access to view video feeds from anywhere. Doing so can prevent shoplifting and theft when no loss prevention officers are watching.

From Inventory Control to Shoplifting

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras4

Retail store managers use security systems to identify specific areas for improvement in their customer experience. These practices are tailored to the individual store and its operations. By focusing only on areas that need improvement, managers can enhance the overall retail experience for their customers.

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras5

Inventory control and management in retail stores involve security efforts to prevent shoplifting, identity theft, and other forms of loss. While managing employee theft is essential, avoiding theft by external parties is also crucial.

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras6

Retail security systems improve the approach of store managers to inventory control.

To achieve long-term success in retail, employees must work efficiently. To ensure this, store managers use retail security systems to monitor and improve overall behavior. By utilizing video recordings from security cameras, managers can identify and correct any unsafe or inefficient practices within the store.

Enabling management to monitor internal theft is essential. Theft in the workplace can erode retail management's trust in every in-store employee. Therefore, it is crucial to quickly resolve cases where an employee is suspected of stealing and provide conclusive evidence.

The Importance of Retail Store Security Cameras

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras7

A retail security system can help identify cases of theft in the workplace, whether it's shoplifting or employee theft. By providing visibility throughout the store, the security team can use video footage to resolve incidents of theft.

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras8

Remote monitoring is necessary outside of store business hours to ensure that all activity and incidents are captured. This ensures that footage is always recorded, providing security personnel with the required alerts or analytics to log unauthorized activity even after hours.

Store managers can use footage of in-store employee behavior during onboarding to improve employee training. This will provide new hires with a valuable tool to understand the company's retail operations, varying from store to store. In addition, with access to accurate customer interactions, new employees can gain practical knowledge and be better prepared for success.

How To Get The Best Retail Store Security Systems

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras9

If you want to install retail security cameras but need to know how to choose the best ones, we can help you determine the essential features to look for when selecting your cameras.

24/7 Recording

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras10

If retail security camera systems do not record continuously, they may miss essential incidents like shoplifting and organized retail theft. Additionally, choosing a security system that alerts administrators when downtime occurs is vital because cameras could be offline and miss crucial incidents.

Smart Camera Analytics

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras11

Retail video management systems have seen remarkable improvements in analytics, despite the advancements in functionality and resolution offered by today's security cameras for stores. As analytics technology makes IP store camera systems even smarter, managers and owners need more efficient tools to sift through large amounts of data to find the necessary information.

In addition, retail store operators can utilize this technology to locate individuals or vehicles of interest quickly. For instance, it can help find a lost child in a mall.

Remote Access

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras12

Loss prevention requires monitoring store locations and inventory from anywhere, as incidents such as break-ins, theft, vandalism, and trespassing can occur when authorities are off-site or when malls and retail establishments are closed.

Even with security staff patrolling the area, having remote access to live video feeds allows for higher visibility to prevent incidents in areas where security is not currently present.

Work as a System

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras13

To optimize retail surveillance efforts, small businesses in the retail industry with multiple locations should choose a camera system that can be easily deployed across new sites for scalability.

Night Vision Functionality

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras14

Retail security systems must monitor parking lots and surrounding areas to ensure store security. In addition, since regular security cameras cannot be used at night, it is necessary for security cameras used in retail stores to have night vision capability.

High Definition (HD) Video

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras15

It is crucial to use high-resolution footage to ensure clear visibility of small objects and hidden actions such as theft or suspicious behavior. In addition, by selecting the correct video resolution, you can customize the deployment of security cameras for various zones or areas because extremely high-resolution cameras may not be necessary for all locations.

Recommended Features For The Best Retail Security Camera Footage

While these features may not be necessary, they can be a plus when installing security cameras.

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) From Avigilon

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras16

UAD is a security system that utilizes advanced AI technology to detect unusual activities, such as fast-moving vehicles or people in unexpected locations. When the system captures such footage, it immediately raises an alert, which can be utilized by security personnel for investigation purposes or to initiate a lockdown.

Some store camera systems can be enhanced with a motion detection feature that uses advanced AI analytics. This feature constantly learns what the usual activity in your space looks like with this feature. As a result, operators won't need to fast-forward through extended periods of inactivity or large video files to find an incident.

Lights and Alarms

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras17

If intruders are detected, the retail camera system can be connected to lights and alarms to deter them. This effectively makes them retreat once they realize they are being recorded.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ)

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras18

If you have a small indoor retail store, a fisheye security camera is usually enough to see everything. But getting a high-speed Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is better if you have a bigger store or want to monitor outside.

Panning is when the camera moves horizontally, while tilting is when it moves vertically. Zooming involves adjusting the lens's focal length to make a subject appear closer or farther away based on the setting.

A Security Camera System for Retail to Deter Theft in Malls

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras19

Different shapes, sizes, and types of security camera systems are suitable for retail purposes. Multisensor and dome cameras are commonly preferred for security in retail and small businesses. Dome cameras are top-rated due to their aesthetic appeal and ability to operate inconspicuously.

For outdoor cameras, it is essential to choose ones that are resistant to vandalism and meet the standards for preventing particles and moisture from entering. 

The store aims to inform everyone entering the premises, including customers and employees, that video surveillance is being used to prevent theft or damage to property. This is why they have installed visible bullet cameras at the entrances, resembling traditional CCTV cameras.

Places To Install Retail Security Cameras

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras20

The installation of security cameras in malls can enhance safety for visitors and employees in critical areas such as:

  • entrances
  • intersections
  • elevators
  • merchandise loading bays
  • lobbies
  • parking lots

Mobile device alerts 

Investing in a retail security camera video management system with mobile capabilities allows continuous access to camera feeds or online analytics on a smartphone or tablet. This feature enables security personnel to receive mobile alerts regarding any irregularities or incidents in the store, including theft, break-ins, or emergencies. Certain providers also offer mobile app controls to update camera settings.

This feature is helpful for big retail sites using PTZ CCTV cameras. It allows users to make adjustments even when not at a specific workstation, providing instant control and response to staff with access to it.

The top systems also enable you to manage access anytime and anywhere.

Installing Video Cameras In A Shopping Center

Securing Retail Stores With Surveillance Cameras21

Store and small business owners should consider consulting with retail store security camera installation experts to avoid installing inadequate equipment and maximize return on investment.

These experts will recommend the best cameras and technology for your business, enhancing security and cost savings.

Check out our commercial security systems page for more information on how a store security camera system can help keep your business safe.

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