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Security Cameras For Marina

Security Cameras For Marina1

Marinas must prioritize security to ensure the safety of the vessels, including boats of various price ranges that require protection.

In a marina, many different kinds of vessels need to be protected. From marines and offshore sea-going vessels such as fishing vessels, naval vessels, and cruise and ferry boats – all of these require secure protection from the elements and theft in the water and along their shorelines.

Security Cameras For Marina2

A marina surveillance system offers various operator stations and camera options for monitoring the top-deck, below-deck, and subsea areas. The cameras are specifically designed to suit different monitoring needs.

Here is a short marine security camera buying guide that you can use to find what you need quickly.

What To Look For In Qualified Marine Security Cameras

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Suppose you're interested in investing in marine-grade security cameras with maximum security. In that case, you should search for specialized products that operate 24/7 in offshore and onshore conditions, even in the most challenging environments.

To ensure safety, consider searching for wireless boat security systems certified for maritime standards on an international level.

Invest in a marine camera that protects against harsh weather, vibrations, and temperature fluctuations.

Security Cameras For Marina4

When shopping for the perfect model, consider an aluminum and epoxy coating to prevent UV radiation damage, as well as stainless steel housing designed to endure high levels of corrosion resistance. In addition, these security camera systems must be salt resistant.

Security Cameras For Marina5

Look also for models offering security systems with integrated heaters and blowers plus fog/icing functionality.

The boat security cameras must have an integrated LED lighting system that improves the clarity of nighttime images in the area.

Marina and boat security cameras should have remote positioning capabilities that are dynamic, extremely durable, easy installation, and require no maintenance.

Finally, ensure you buy weatherproof HD security cameras

has sun shields so the unit won't overheat even at +65°C or fail when temperatures drop to –40°C.

Security System Certifications For Boat Docks And Marinas

Security Cameras For Marina6

It is crucial to remember that no matter how excellent a security system may be, its use may only meet relevant standards with the proper certifications and approvals.

Therefore, if you're investing in an off-the-shelf marine camera for your boat dock or marina, ensure international standards have approved it.

The Lloyd's Register Type Approval System Test Specification Number 1 provides certification for applications that need protection against heat or explosions. This certification is appropriate for passenger ships, open-air decks, closed spaces, and technical areas subjected to high temperatures. It is also suitable for the USA and Canada.

PTZ Dual Vision Thermal Cameras

Security Cameras For Marina7

Dual-vision PTZ cameras are very accurate and have a lot of features. They can take pictures from far away with high quality.

The marine cameras come equipped with a 640*512 resolution uncooled thermal camera that is ideal for various applications such as maritime, border, aviation, highways, and perimeter uses.

The dual vision thermal imaging PTZ cameras are a great way to monitor onboard activities and constantly identify potential dangers at sea.

By using these cameras, security personnel can stay aware of their surroundings and respond appropriately to any possible threats.

Standalone Weatherproof Recording

Security Cameras For Marina8

Marine security systems require a type of stainless steel called electropolished steel. It provides complete protection against rust and corrosion caused by air and water and is excellent at withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Boat security cameras can have a wiper and washer kit installed to clean the camera's front glass, guaranteeing clear images in any condition. The wiper and washer pump option continuously clean the front window

Security Cameras For Marina9

The marine-grade security cameras have thermal imaging viewing, allowing optimal monitoring even in total darkness, fog, rain, heavy smoke, or far distances. This feature provides users and boat owners with peace of mind.

Viewing Angle For Marine Security Camera Coverage

CCTV and IP cameras have an angle of coverage. This means the camera lens can show an angle range of the environment it is pointed at.

These security cameras use special lenses to determine how much area they can see. The size of the lens and the image sensor help decide this.

If the camera lens is the same, the bigger the image sensor is, the wider area it can cover.

If the size of the image sensor stays the same, using a lens with a higher number for its focal length will make the coverage angle smaller.

Like other surveillance systems, the marine security system has a standard field of view for its cameras, which ranges from 25 to 60 degrees.

You'll capture only one-third of the scene at most, but objects and people closer to the camera will be captured in greater detail and clarity.

Spot Trace Alert Tracking System

Security Cameras For Marina10

In addition to installing security cameras on your boat, it's also a good idea to have motion detectors. Remote monitoring of your vessel can be done with systems like SPOT Trace, which sends alerts to your phone if you have an internet connection.

With SPOT Trace, you can keep an eye on your valuable possessions and immediately see their location on Google Maps. You'll get a notification via text or email as soon as movement is spotted, and you can track it using SPOT Mapping on your computer or phone.

Security Cameras For Marina11

You can get real-time updates about the location of your critical assets via text or email. Alternatively, you can track them on Google Maps using your phone or computer. You can choose how often you receive updates:

  • every 2.5 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes

After you turn on SPOT Trace, it will use GPS to find its location. Then, SPOT Trace will send this location data to communication satellites, which will relay the information to a ground network. Finally, the ground network will use the internet to send the location message to your phone or computer.

SPOT Trace can communicate from remote locations worldwide due to its satellite technology.

Multiple Recording Options

There are multiple ways to store and protect your videos using boat security cameras.

Security Cameras For Marina12

1. DVR (Digital Video Recorder): The ultimate upgrade from the old-school VCR, digital video recorders store and process data captured by security cameras with greater efficiency. With remote monitoring, superior recording quality, easy video data transfer, hassle-free installation for larger systems, footage stored on hard drives, and the option to add more cameras to the system, the advantages are aplenty.

Security Cameras For Marina13

2. Hard Drive: Consider using a surveillance drive instead of a standard desktop drive for optimal performance. These specialized drives offer greater efficiency, improved temperature management, and heightened reliability for constant 24/7 operation.

Security Cameras For Marina14

3. NVR (Network Video Recorder): Say goodbye to grainy security footage forever with the Network Video Recorder (NVR). This cutting-edge technology records crystal-clear video in digital format to a hard drive. Compared to outdated DVR systems, NVRs allow for much higher-quality footage, meaning you'll always get all the details.

Security Cameras For Marina15

4. Micro SD card: MicroSD cameras can help you save money and keep your security footage safe. You can store four days of high-quality or 24 days of standard videos on a 128GB card.

Security Cameras For Marina16

FTP server: The File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that lets you easily stream video from your cameras directly to an off-site NVR for secure storage. You can even set up a second NVR on the same site as your cameras for added security.

Security Cameras For Marina17

6. Cloud: Cloud CCTV is a type of video recording. It takes the video and sends it to a computer far away instead of keeping it on a local server or recorder.

Are Wireless Boat Security Systems Best?

Security Cameras For Marina18

You can purchase a marine security system to monitor your boat without relying on the Internet. These systems have multiple marine cameras and an NVR for video storage. The camera system will continuously record as long as it has power, even if no Internet connection is available.

Marine security cameras use cellular data to help people keep an eye on their boats and docks when there is no internet or electricity. They let you watch from anywhere, even if you are far away!

A wireless boat security camera, like Reolink Argus 3 Pro, can help you keep your boat safe. The camera has a memory card slot that stores all the activity on the ship. So you can check the footage regularly to ensure everything is okay without having to pay attention all the time.

The best way to save money is to get a cheap cell phone and use it to create a hotspot for the security cameras on the boat. This should work.

One of the drawbacks of using marine video cameras is that they require a significant power source and consume data from your phone. If your phone's battery dies, you won't receive any alerts or connect to watch live video from the cameras.

The Right Boat Security Systems

Here is a quick review of four surveillance brands that can prevent unauthorized entry to your vessel, support alarm systems, and help you receive alerts on your cell phone. At the same time, you can monitor and protect your boat. Choose the company that saves you better against theft and features surveillance quality products.

Garmin's OnDeck Boat Monitoring System

Security Cameras For Marina19

The OnDeck system is a tool that enables remote connectivity. With OnDeck, you can track, monitor, and control multiple switches from a distance. The connection is always on and allows you to stay in touch virtually anywhere.

Security Cameras For Marina20

What We Loved

  • Receive text alerts when a security sensor is triggered or your boat is moved. For example, the internal GPS sensor updates every 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the power status, and will notify you with a text alert if your boat goes outside the geofenced area.
  • With the NMEA 2000 momentary or latching switch support, you can control multiple switches via EmpirBus digital switching or other third-party interfaces.
  • After the boat battery is depleted or the power is disconnected, you can still access the OnDeck Hub for up to 48 hours, thanks to its internal backup battery.
  • You can receive updates about various aspects of your boat, including battery status, bilge activity, shore power, and temperature changes, through the ActiveCaptain app. You can even set up alarm notifications for these updates.
  • Use the OnDeck Hub to securely collect data from your vessel and store it in the cloud for 30 days.

The downside is you must have an active subscription plan to maintain communication with your vessel. You can choose between an annual plan or a month-to-month plan.

Siren 3 Pro System from Siren Marine

Security Cameras For Marina21

You can use the Siren 3 Pro installed on your boat to keep track of various essential systems like battery voltage, bilge pump activity, water levels, shore power status, engine performance, temperature, location, and more from your mobile application.

What We Loved

Security Cameras For Marina22
  • You can always stay connected to your boat with the latest cellular technology, such as global LTE (4G/5G).
  • Detect the water level and presence in the bilge, and keep track of the bilge run time and daily bilge cycles.
  • The Siren 3 Pro now has better wireless connectivity with the Wireless Sensors 3.0.
  • Receive alerts on the movement of the boat's location using GPS and geofence technology.
  • SirenSat offers a system that can track and locate boats using satellite technology when they are out of range of cellular networks.

The boat security system has snap, motion, and entry sensors. However, the boat security camera systems sometimes may not accurately detect environmental noise, leading to false alarms.


Do I need to get permission before installing security cameras?

Recording videos in public is usually legal, including doorbell and security cameras. However, individuals captured on camera should not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Bathrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, and bedrooms are considered private. Therefore, they cannot be accessed without permission.

Do outdoor security cameras have the potential to deter burglars?

Security cameras can effectively discourage and decrease burglary incidents, as criminals are less likely to commit a crime when they know they are being watched or recorded.

Do boat security cameras use Wi-Fi for their operation?

The marine security cameras that use cellular data are designed to solve the problem of the lack of internet connectivity. These cameras allow you to monitor your vessel remotely, even if no WiFi or electricity is available.

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