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Why Have Security Cameras So Low-Quality Video?

Why Have Security Cameras So Low-Quality Video?

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Home and business owners have been installing security cameras to keep an eye on things for decades.  And yet, the quality of these cameras' video footage could be better.  Why is that? Let's take a look at some of the reasons why security camera video quality is so low.

Security cameras have become the modern-day security guards, vigilantly supervising our every activity. Over recent years, their capacities and capabilities have grown exponentially. In some instances, however, the footage can be of unsettling quality, resembling a CCTV-inspired horror movie with its eerie black-and-white tones and pixelated blurs.

Four Reasons For CCTV Grainy Resolution

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Countless elements, such as the security system cost, lens quality, maintenance needs, internal compression, and exporting, can significantly diminish CCTV footage. With such an immense amount of recordings being stored daily, compressing them for storage is usually necessary; unfortunately, this also depreciates their quality.

CCTV usual positioning

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The strategic locations of CCTV cameras are often high-mounted cameras. They are usually positioned to capture broad views of streets and individuals below. This vantage point is ideal for spotting people committing illegal acts, especially when wearing hats or hoods that obscure their faces.

Unlike someone witnessing and videotaping a crime as it happens, like with a smartphone, CCTV cameras are always on-guard -activated by movement or heat sometimes. Consequently, the vast majority of recorded footage is most likely redundant. This inconsistent performance explains why people generally go for inferior cameras; even superior models still suffer from inherent drawbacks.

CCTV lenses are outdoors

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Security cameras can become blurry for various reasons, such as an out-of-focus lens, a dirty lens, water droplets deflecting light into the lens from the glass dome covering it, or its image sensor malfunctioning. In addition, low-resolution cameras are more likely to appear hazy than those with high-definition capabilities.

CCTV black and white night mode

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If you have a camera installed to monitor a broad area, it's producing an unclear and dark image because the night vision of your cameras needs to be more significant for the size you're trying to observe.

Security cameras provide exceptional quality video footage during the day; however, at night, their performance differs as they transition to black-and-white mode. In addition, although some security cameras offer night vision capabilities, they cannot compare with the clarity of daytime recordings, which are vivid colors.

Distances for infrared lights on cameras vary, with some being able to detect up to 300 feet in the dark and others only capturing as far as 50 feet away.

CCTV captures wide-angle shots


Capturing a wide-angle shot of any landscape or region is useful when attempting to analyze an individual's face in great detail or even something as small as their license plate. Unfortunately, to make up for the low resolution of a single camera, manufacturers must often install multiple cameras and stitch their images together.

Unfortunately, this approach could be better and result in an awkward distortion of reality, making it hard to see the details you need. In short, although CCTV footage may be adequate for recognizing faces or other characteristics regarding small information, it will be difficult to distinguish between individuals.

How To Choose The Best Security Camera

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Plan your powder source

Regarding security cameras, your options are either wired or wireless. Wired cameras require a professional installation, as they need to be connected back to a central recording device; however, no power source is necessary nearby. 

On the other hand, many wireless cameras will demand an outlet outside or inside of your property - drilling may even be required when installing the camera's power cord externally to protect against tampering and cutting.

Decide where you will place the camera.

Secure your residence from burglars by covering all entry points indoors and outdoors. Deduce if you need indoor, outdoor, or a combination of both cameras to ensure maximum protection. Position the cameras high enough so that an intruder won't be able to tamper with them in any form.

Opt for renowned brands.

Sticking to a reputable brand is critical. However, if you're interested in something else, check out reviews on YouTube before purchasing. It's important to note that many of these bargain CCTV cameras from China are unreliable and have subpar quality.

Privacy is important.

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Ensure that your security camera footage is protected by purchasing from reliable companies that promise their cameras to offer secure connections. By taking this precautionary approach, you can minimize the chances of any intruders obtaining access to your recordings online or via a cloud-based server. Additionally, ensure the camera has built-in privacy features for added protection and peace of mind.

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Look for:

  • With geofencing, your cameras conveniently turn on when you leave the house and off when you return - no manual adjustments are necessary. All it takes is for your phone's location to be detected!
  • The physical shutter of a camera can effectively block the lens and protect it from external elements.
  • Guard against hacking with two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to your account by sending you a unique code via text or email after you've entered your password.

Home Security Cameras Installation

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Not all cameras are created equal: while some only require a power outlet, hardwired systems necessitate integration into your home's electricity.

Installing security cameras can appear intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. With wireless cameras, you just need to place the camera on a flat surface or screw it into any wall or ceiling. If you're considering an outdoor camera, ensure it is installed near your Wi-Fi for a sustained connection with your app.

Setting up wired security cameras can be a delicate process, based on how the gadgets were designed. Several safety firms offer professional installation services, or you could employ an external contractor to simplify matters.

In conclusion, security cameras are an effective tool to protect your property against burglars. However, choosing the right product is crucial. Consult a professional if necessary to ensure a successful installation.

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