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Wireless Security Camera Options For RVs


RVing is a beloved leisure activity for many US families. However, we must remember that our wheeled abode may still be prone to burglary and destruction. Consider investing in an innovative wireless security camera system to discourage criminals from targeting your RV. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of theft or vandalism, but it can also give you peace of mind during long road trips.

Secure your RV with wireless security.


Experience the joy of RV ownership with complete peace of mind when you install a security camera. Please keep track of your motor home and all its contents 24/7, ensuring that they are constantly guarded against theft or damage.

Essential characteristics of RV security system

  • Use an app. Look for security camera technology to monitor your RV virtually anywhere with a single touch of an app on your phone. A user-friendly application must give you complete control over the security camera and cloud storage.
  • Waterproof. Invest in a waterproof indoor/outdoor camera that offers 1080P recordings with an expansive view, automatically transitioning to night vision mode when the lighting diminishes.
  • Solar power. Harness the power of nature and make life more straightforward with a solar or battery-powered security camera system. It comes complete with its rechargeable battery, and you can also easily connect to HMS1 solar panels for extra convenience.
  • Wireless. You can install a wireless camera, eliminating the need for a complicated landline or WiFi connection. This makes it easier to move the camera around and covers larger areas, giving you a better view of your RV without any mess.
  • Anti-glare. If you're a frequent traveler, your RV cameras must come equipped with anti-glare technology to ensure the most precise possible picture.
  • Two-way audio. With the two-way audio feature of our cameras, you can listen to conversations outside your RV with an integrated microphone and alert any intruders with a speaker - all from afar. So even if you're not in the vicinity, rest assured that your RV is safe!
  • Motion sensors. Look for sensors that are easy to install with self-adhesive backing and seamlessly pair with the base station. For added convenience, you can name each sensor using the provided keypad. Cameras can have up to 50 motion detectors, including door entry, glass breaking, and a 300-foot radius range.
  • Alert the authorities. If you're searching for a security camera that provides extra assurance and protection, look for one with dedicated call buttons. This way, within less than a second of any system being triggered, up to three phone numbers can be messaged directly - including the police. Also, look out for those equipped with an impressive 100-decibel siren - perfect in case intruders present themselves.
  • Ease of use. Discover a security camera readily compatible with Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistant's voice-activated technology.

How to choose the right security camera for your RV


Choosing the right RV camera for your needs can be tricky, but it's worth doing it correctly. So here are some essential questions:

  • To get started, consider the RV model you own: how many doors, and can you find windows?
  • How frequently will you be taking your RV on trips?
  • Will your RV journeys be lengthy or limited? How often will you park the vehicle?
  • Is there a space that you can use to store your RV securely?
  • Are you planning to leave any valuable items inside the RV? If so, have you considered additional security measures for them?
  • What are the must-have features you'll require in an RV security system?
  • Do you need two-way audio, motion sensors, or alert the authorities with a call button?

Once you have answered these questions, you'll be better positioned to decide which security camera is suitable for your RV.

Different types of wireless security for RVs

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Wireless security cameras come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the best for your RV. Here are some of the different types of wireless security cameras available:

Door and Windows Alarms 

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These systems are incredibly affordable and offer an excellent level of security to your RV. Getting them up and running is relatively straightforward- install one on the doors and any windows large enough for someone to fit through. Once you activate them, if anyone attempts to open either window or door, then an alarm will sound.

Keyless Systems


Adding an extra layer of security to your RV doesn't have to be expensive - here are some cost-effective ways to do it! The factory door locks installed on RVs can be less secure. Upgrade yours with sturdier options and ensure your valuables stay safe.

Perimeter Security

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A perimeter system is like a virtual fence you can set around your campsite for protection when away. Should something enter the area, an alarm will be triggered, and you'll receive a notification. The only caveat to this system is that there may be false alarms due to smaller animals like birds or squirrels entering space.

FAQs about RV security cameras


Can wireless cameras operate without being connected to the internet?

Wireless cameras can still be used without an internet connection, although some features may not be available. The advantages and practicality of a wireless camera in the absence of the web vary depending on its type, arrangement, and video storing abilities.

What kinds of detectors are essential for the safe navigation of recreational vehicles?

RVs must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, LP gas leak detector, smoke alarm, and carbon monoxide detector. Furthermore, these vehicles provide peace of mind by offering an emergency escape window for added protection in dangerous situations.

What's the best way to equip an RV with security cameras for optimum coverage?

For the best security coverage, install multiple cameras strategically placed around all entry points and vulnerable areas. These can be either wired or wireless, depending on your needs. A sound camera system should also come with motion sensors, night vision capabilities, and a siren to alert intruders away from your RV.

Is it possible to install a screw into the walls of an RV?

There are several things to think about, depending on what you're trying to hang. If you must use screws, locate the studs first and then screw into those instead of the thin wall material. Additionally, use shorter screws as RV walls tend to be more delicate than expected.


Traveling in an RV offers countless opportunities for fun and adventure, from sightseeing across America to spending quality time with loved ones. However, it's critical to recognize the inherent dangers of this form of travel; therefore, we recommend equipping your RV with a security camera so you can rest easy on those long road trips!

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