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Prepare your house for the future

The convenience of today's smart house is that it is wire-free. Wireless communication standards such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth LE have rendered expensive whole-home electrical systems obsolete.

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Installing a smart wiring system in your home

Even though many of today's smart homes are designed to operate without any human intervention, there are still some key devices you'll need to hardwire in. This is because they must communicate with your "dumb" appliances, such as connected heating systems, smart garden sprinklers, and the electrical wires running through your walls.

Install wiring for the future

By installing a smart wiring system now, you'll be prepared for the future when more and more devices become automated. Your home will be ready to integrate the newest devices without having to rewire the entire house.
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A smart wiring system is an investment

Wiring for a residential automated system will pay off in the long run - not only will you save money on your power bills every month, but you'll also have the benefit of an automated house.

You can wire a new house or a renovated one

While this technology has been in existence for a long time, it is only now that smart-home systems have advanced to the point that houses previously thought to be impenetrable and costly can now be equipped with any number of remote and automated features. Electronic signals may easily pass through thick walls. To make way for new wiring, old paneling and wainscot do not have to be destroyed.
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